Sebastian Krawinkel · Production Design
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 Vier gegen die Bank 
 Mechanic Resurrection 
 Agent 47 
 A Most Wanted Man 
 Inglourious Basterds 
 Ninja Assassin 
 Speed Racer 
 V for Vendetta 
 The Bourne Supremacy 
 The tell-tale Heart 
 Around the World in 80 Days 
 The Pianist 
 Back to the Secret Garden 
 Gangster No. 1 
 Enemy at the Gates 
 AMG "One Day" 
 Fiat Ducato "Chuck Norris" 
 Penny "Butchers Burger" 
 Samsung "Wireless Charger" 
 Radeberger "Reifepruefung" 
 TEDI "Annegret" 
 Hornbach "and what remains of you ?" 
 Samsung "Hands" 
 Otto "Fairylights" 
 Vodafone "A.L.T. TV" 
 Remisen Berlin Kreuzberg 
 Grey "Creative Sparring" 
 Grey "Famously Effective - Entrance" 
 Berlin "Icebar" 
 Yogurt Company 
 Yogurt Company 2 
Samsung "Wireless Charger"

Regie: John S. Park
Client: Samsung
Agency: Cheil Worlswide
Production Company: Addict Films
Service Production Company : Markenfilm Wedel
Producer: Stefan Jaehde
Exec. Producer: In-Ah Lee
DoP: Ottar Gudnason
Production Design: Sebastian Krawinkel
Art Direction: Thorsten Aue, Ralph Lang
Location: Berlin
Prep Time: 2 Weeks
Shooting Days: 3 (2. -4. February 2017)

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